Diplomatic DAOs

So, you have a DAO.

You can coordinate around shared resources, collaborate as a community, and create value in unprecedented ways.

But there's a problem.

You didn't get into Ethereum and DAOs only to have your organization forever confined to the walls of its own smart contracts.

What if your DAO could earn interest on its treasury by holding cDAI? And make trades on Uniswap? And collectively own LAND in Decentraland? And form an on-chain DAO alliance?

Luckily, every organization built on Aragon comes with its own DeFi savvy, collectible-collecting, on-chain diplomat called Agent 🤖.

Your Agent lives in the Agent app, which can be added to every Aragon organization during its creation or installed later.

Technically speaking, Agent is a multi-signature account on steroids that enables your organization to interact with any Ethereum application or protocol.

Among DAO frameworks, this capability is unique to Aragon, and we've observed several exciting new behaviors emerge in DAOs that leverage this interconnection and composability.

From managing thousands of transactions across multiple DeFi protocols, governing dynamically priced NFTs, and building bridges between Aragon and Moloch DAOs, we've been blown away by how organizations are innovating with Agent.

Create an organization with Agent

Develop with Agent

Agent app gets a UI

As a part of the Aragon 0.8.9 release, Agent gets its first big and highly requested upgrade: a UI.

The UI enjoys many of the read-only features found in the Finance app: filters, date pickers, and human-readable lists of your Agent's transaction history.

Manage NFTs with Agent

Agent can now handle NFTs, which means communities can now collectively own, govern, manage, buy, sell, or give away any ERC721 compliant NFT.

Some examples:

  • Govern community-owned ENS domains
  • Manage and develop LAND in Decentraland
  • Participate in crypto collectible auctions on OpenSea
  • Manage and hold a transparent portfolio of various NFTs

(NFTs are not currently visible the new UI )

Upgrading your Agent app

To access these new features on an existing organization, you will need to upgrade your Agent app in the App Center. The upgrade that enables Agent to receive NFTs is a smart contract upgrade.

Tell us what you think

We're extremely interested in your feedback and would love to hear about your experience using Agent. Come join the discussion about Agent on Discord or Spectrum Chat.

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