Now that Aragon One is just a regular Aragon team, what differentiates us from other teams?

That is a very important question to answer. Starting Jan 17th, 2019, ANT holders will have the last say to which teams get funded.

For that reason, I wanted to make an effort to write down what makes Aragon One unique.

Aragon One upholds the Aragon manifesto

As ecosystems grow, they tend to become less opinionated.

We have seen this pattern many times in history, including in the crypto ecosystem.

Bitcoin and Ethereum had very idealistic beginnings. The true cypherpunk vision. Yet at some point, trends like private blockchains started taking part of them.

And the truth is that ecosystems are open. They are permissionless. Anyone can take part in an ecosystem. The barrier of entry is as low as writing a blog post or submitting a pull request. And that's great.

But it has cons too. Ecosystems may go through dark periods where they are being taken over by hostile ideas. By ideas that don't uphold the ecosystem's values or manifesto.

Even in the case of the whole Aragon community going against the manifesto, we will uphold it.

Our commitment is with Aragon, but most importantly, with the ideas it embodies.

In times of doubt and darkness, Aragon One will be there and always defend the Aragon manifesto.

Although we hope it's never needed, we want to serve as a guiding light for the ecosystem.

Aragon One is here for Aragon, whatever it takes

Jorge and I started Aragon while burning through all my savings. We were eating nachos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and eating discounted Soylent with referral links. We were very close to bankruptcy a couple times. We have tons of stories of those dark months when things weren't easy.

But we would go through it again. In times of darkness, Aragon One will be here, whatever it takes.

All Aragon One team members come from backgrounds of self-sacrifice and hard work. We understand that we need to be here when everything goes well, but especially when it doesn't.

Aragon One is interdisciplinary

We are a very cohesive team as a whole, yet we have very different roles and backgrounds.

Some people were lawyers, some were nurses, some musicians.

We have an ample spectrum of talent, from user-focused design to deep research. Yet we all work together without artificial boundaries. That's the secret sauce of Aragon One.

We believe every team member has something unique to contribute. And this is not the typical corporate bullshit about taking in many points of view. This is real. We are polymaths.

When I was at school, I hated the artificial division between knowledge subjects. The most important inventions in humankind come from mixing different areas of knowledge.

Take Bitcoin. Economics, philosophy, cryptography, decentralized networking... Separately, they are good. Together, they are Bitcoin.

Even if you aren't a developer, Aragon One lets you influence how the decentralized web works.

And if you are a developer, you can influence our ecosystem, communications, strategy...

That doesn't mean Aragon One is chaotic or people don't know their role. We all do, and we know the boundaries between providing feedback and overstepping.

Aragon One is 100% product focused

Everything we do, we do for a reason: to create a product that the Marias of the world can use to unleash this revolution.

From our high-level strategy, we plan the key trends and points we need to focus on.

Then our research team makes sure this is technically workable, sometimes producing breakthroughs.

After that, our design team works on shaping that research into a tangible user experience.

Our product team takes that input, and brilliantly executes on it, making sure it's rock-solid and pixel-perfect.

Finally, our communications team packs all that into something worthy of people's attention.

There's an astonishing level of care behind apparently simple actions like voting on Aragon. Everything is there for a reason.

Aragon One is a small team, on purpose

We are just 16 people now. And we want to grow to about 25. We never dream of becoming a 1,000 people company.

Instead of growing our headcount, we believe in growing our leverage. That means that team members grow in their role over time. We prefer to aggressively focus on what's important. We prioritize the activities with the highest impact with the lowest effort.

Staying small, Aragon One is also very cost efficient. As a team that goes through the Flock process, this is very important for Aragon.

Aragon One is reliable and stable

Every person in Aragon One goes through an extensive hiring process. We make sure to not only hire skilled people but also kind people too. Our team offsites are amazing because we all get together with each other seamlessly. We love hanging out and getting to know more about each other.

This produces a very stable environment because everyone likes everyone else.

And while we experiment with how we work very often, Aragon One is a very stable structure. We use the proven model of a small team with full-time commitment, which gives stability to the team.

Vote for Aragon One

We have presented our funding proposal to Aragon. You will be able to vote on it January 17th, 2019, in the next AGP ballot.

If you value our contributions to the Aragon ecosystem, please vote yes to our proposal! For us, it is a dream to keep building Aragon and its amazing ecosystem.

Also, if you liked what you read, consider applying to Aragon One!