Lorena comes from a communications background and she's excited about joining the passionate team. Her flexible and organized personality aids her in this new role as Assistant at Aragon One.

Hi Lorena, welcome to the team!

What is it that you do at Aragon One and how did you come to apply for your new role with us?

Hello! I’m Lorena, Assistant at Aragon One. In this role, I will be helping the team to coordinate and prioritize their schedules. I'll be supporting their daily activities and taking care of those time-consuming things that pop up daily so they can concentrate and focus on their own responsibilities. I will also be dealing with administrative tasks, organizing and coordinating activities in the Aragon One office. That is the main reason why I moved to Switzerland.

My background is in communications. I studied Journalism at the University of Madrid and I worked in several communications departments until I applied for a personal assistant position that was posted on Twitter. I got the job and ever since I committed to working as an assistant/secretary. That is my thing. Something inside was telling me that I'm made for this. I have always been so organized, making lists of pending tasks is a great afternoon plan for me. I love planning to the point that I do my own travel guides.

That first job as a personal assistant was my Secretarial Masters Degree. It was for a tech businessman who had a very busy and complicated life, I was available 24/7/365. It was exhausting but at the same time so fulfilling. Since then I have developed my professional skills in a law firm, with a World Champion skier, in a multinational energy company and now let’s see what the future will bring me in Aragon One.

I wanted to join the team because I wanted to be part of the change. The change of how we understand society and organizations nowadays. The idea of a digital jurisdiction with decentralized organizations empowering people whatever their backgrounds are and wherever they are in the world. Without bureaucracy walls or corrupt governments, it's just so fair, that it has to happen. The “Fight for freedom” is going to be huge. It is too exciting for not being a part of it, so I am happy to be on-board.

I also discovered that one of the main qualities that describe Aragon One is the passion of its team. To be an Assistant is my real vocation and that makes me be passionate about what I do. So I wanted to be a part of a team with that energy, wouldn’t you?

Could you tell us a bit more about your background and what kind of a person do you consider yourself to be?

For the last 20 years, I lived in Madrid where I studied and have developed most of my working experience – except for one year and a half that I lived in London. That's nearly half of my life so I'm attached to that wonderful city. Although I have to recognize that it was getting kind of stressful lately.

If we go back a bit earlier in time, I was born in a very little village in Asturias (North Spain). I grew up in contact with nature, so moving to Switzerland is a huge step forward in my career, but also a way of reconnecting with my childhood and the mountains.

I consider myself a simple and happy person. A few years ago, I started hearing about minimalism. How fewer possessions can make you concentrate on what really matters. It totally matched my values and pursuits in life. Since then I have decluttered more than half of my possessions at that time and I feel more free and lighter than ever. Thanks to this, moving to Switzerland was pretty easy!

I love traveling and even doing one or two long trips per year. Every weekend or every time I can put together 3 or 4 days off, you will find me out there. This world is an amazing place to discover!

On top of that, Aragon One is a change in my career since it's the first time for me working in the crypto space and its community. Plus the opportunity to live in a different country such a Switzerland was something on the pro side of things.

What do you see as your strength and is there something that you're really looking forward to working on?

My experience goes through a very different range of economic sectors and fitted very different personalities of management. So this flexibility I have had before will help me to adapt to the project and the team. Of course, the passion that we share for what we do will help us too.

I will need some time to better know all the team, their needs, the procedures, the project itself, etc. and then become the most helpful and efficient assistant they could ever have!

I can not wait to continue learning about the ecosystem and the community. I'm looking forward to working with this talented team and be able to offer a valuable support for them. Being a part of the team who will change the organizations as we understand them today is going to be awesome!

Happy to have you on the team, welcome again Lorena!

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