Alejandro is a developer, surfer, and family man (not necessarily in that order) who has joined Aragon One to help with Solidity development. You may already have been introduced to him by way of his holographic consensus app tutorial series here on the Aragon One blog.

Without further adieu, here is our interview giving Alejandro a proper introduction to the Aragon community!

Welcome Alejandro, it is great to have you as a full time member of the Aragon One team!

What do you consider to be your best trait that will help you in your work at Aragon?

I consider myself to be an educator and a “simplifier” in a way. I like to absorb complex topics and present them to people with such minimalism that they don’t even perceive the presented topic as being complicated at all. I also like to remove complexity from processes, and especially love it when the complexity of a process has been reduced to such a point that the whole process can be deleted :D

Aragon has its roots in the Ethereum community, which itself has blossomed into an incredible ecosystem of dapps and protocols. What aspects in particular do you find the most interesting about Ethereum?

When I realized that Bitcoin was not merely “internet money” (back in 2015 I think), I started coming up with ideas and things to build, but Bitcoin was just too hard to work with. Ethereum allowed me to hack on those ideas almost immediately, and embraced me with a very strong and healthy community.

Which projects in the Ethereum space are you most excited about, and why?

When I think about this, I tend to split up Ethereum projects in two categories. One has to do with long term projects that address the most fundamental cypherpunk values of this paradigm shift, and the other has to do with more concrete projects that solve real-life problems that we have today.

I see Aragon as one of the projects that is addressing the paradigm ship with a long term view. Even though it may seem utopical today, I truly believe the day will come in which we govern ourselves in a more organic, decentralized and intelligent way using the internet. We’ve been taught that Anarchy is a bad thing, but I happen to think quite the opposite. If you have the technology to implement it properly, it’s the way to go.

I also love projects like Maker and Compound. These projects are aligned with our uber-utopian goal and represent the steps we are taking up that infinite ladder. To illustrate; As an Argentine citizen, it’s extremely hard for me to save money or even think about investing. I mean, how do you save with a brutally 55% inflationary currency, while also being prohibited from purchasing foregin currencies? How do you buy a house with a banking system that is practically ripping you off with 30% APRs? It’s like they’re begging for us to build this completely parallel economy.

Crypto allows me to pierce through this imaginary veil that has been thrust upon me for simply having been born in Argentina. And what people are building on top of it continues to broaden my possibilities of freedom.

Do you see Ethereum disrupting existing fields in the future, how do you think that’ll happen?

Of course. I mean, it’s already happening in third world economies like Argentina.

Which aspects of society do you think Ethereum will affect the most?

I believe that technologies like Ethereum are to our current social systems what the first tools were to early humans. Back then, things were moving slowly in evolutionary terms; until tools came along, and when that happened, Sapiens practically exploded. In this analogy, the technology we are building will be catastrophic to the existing systems, and the reason is speed.

Even though everything seems pretty immature now, we have the speed of open source software at our side. With it, we can experiment and iterate in the realm of social structure and economics so fast, that something that could take the legacy world centuries to accomplish could take decades for us. It will be so dramatic that an entire new language will be developed and, in a few years, we will be experimenting with things that the old system won’t be able to fathom.

Do you think that the Web 3.0 that Ethereum is building towards will surpass Web 2.0 in the future?

I’m not totally sure that it will be Ethereum that accomplishes this, but yeah, I think Web3 will be a Web2 that not only allows humans to exchange information in a globalized way, but also to exchange value, and even make decisions as a whole. It that sense, Web2 was a fun first experiment, but Web3 will become humanity’s coordinated consciousness.

What currently missing feature do you think would benefit Ethereum the most and why?

The way I see it, there is a lot of effort being put in scalability. We shouldn’t stop doing that, but we need to start coming up with onboarding solutions ASAP if we really want to disrupt the legacy world, and gather enough energy to punch it in the face. I guess this brings me to another project that I love: Universal Login.

Where do you see Aragon five years from now?

Well, first, as the Ethereum community matures and moves past fundamental infrastructure problems, people will start shifting their attentions to DAOs. When the time comes to address governance, people will turn their heads towards projects that have been working on governance all along, from the beginning, in fact. Aragon will be particularly interesting for them, because it’s being built with flexibility and modularity in mind, unlike other projects in the space which are more rigid and focus on a particular way of doing things.

There’s a lot of work to do. What are the things you cannot wait to work on?

Right now, Aragon’s stack is a bit complicated, and only the developers that really really want to play with governance overcome its difficult learning curve. If you want to build on top of Aragon you need to understand so many concepts and know so many GOTCHAs that it almost requires full time dedication. I’d like to change that, so that developing on top of Aragon is so easy that it’s just like pressing a button. A big blue “decentralize me” button. Maybe I’m being too idealistic here, but I’d like to make it so that even non developers can do this.

Switching gears and ending on a high note, what are some of your hobbies and things you do for fun or relaxing?

I love surfing, because it forces my mind to be swiped blank, out of fear, adrenaline and pure awe of connection to reality. For a while at least. I’m a family dude, and love to hang out with them, chill out and eat good food. That’s why I live in one of the most peaceful places on Earth: Uruguay.

Thank you for sharing more about yourself and your ideas Alejandro! We are excited to have you as part of the team and look forward to seeing what you build with us!

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