A film-maker, a world-class designer, the one responsible for the Aragon logo and branding. Adri is a multidisciplinary designer focused on branding, art direction as well as the audiovisual world and has joined Aragon One to lead our branding!

Hello Adri, great to have you as a full-time member of the team!

What kind of background do you have and how did you come to join us at Aragon One?

My name is Adrián, but I am known as Owi Sixseven. I come from the world of graphic design, but I studied cinematography direction. I have studied film directing in Barcelona, and I have studied several masters in digital design. As a designer, I have specialized in the digital field. However, I have also created large campaigns oriented to the offline world.

Thanks to Jorge and Luis I understood the potential and the vision of Aragon, which led me to accept and to undertake my current position as Brand Designer and also to help improve the product day by day. My introduction to the Ethereum community is mainly related to my work for Aragon. I began designing and defining its graphic identity and ended up becoming passionate about the project, the community, and the technology behind it.

We have this idea in our minds that the established models which have been sold to us in this society are the right way to do things - like making a flock of sheep follow the path that has been marked because every day they are ordered to go in that direction. Until one of them, by instinct, goes out of the way and arrives more quickly to its destination. Perhaps along the way, it will have discovered new things, but the important thing is that it has shown that its path is faster and more efficient.

My head exploded the day I understood what projects like Aragon are trying to do. And not only us, but there also are people in this ecosystem who are doing incredible things. And the best thing is that the majority are focused on changing the world, making it more universal, more practical and completely free. I personally believe that any project which aims to change the world for the better is a good project, and worth the effort.

What do you think the future holds for Aragon?

In a few years I see Aragon being directly integrated and functioning in a standardized way in our day to day lives, helping people to create their decentralized companies organically and automatically, without intermediaries and with reliable, safe and scalable technology.

But I believe that Aragon faces a very significant challenge in the coming years as well, to approach and integrate into society. It is essential to communicate with people in a human, relatable language, as this is how we can connect with society. We cannot only direct ourselves to an audience with technical backgrounds, but we must also reach out further; only then may we understand the potential of Aragon and its application within our environment.

Something I feel proud of and which makes me strive and give more in my daily work is to see how all the members of Aragon One share this same vision. I think the key to having such a cohesive team is precisely that, sharing and believing in the same goal. And I'm talking about a team in which we are all from different parts of the world!

What would you say are the benefits of good design for Aragon?

I think we have a great responsibility in narrating, textually and visually, a friendly and relatable language, understandably and without barriers, both for those with technical backgrounds and the non-technical backgrounds. Every day, we are exploring new paths that try to be visually understandable to the user. Making an effort to explain concepts and words that are too technical or difficult to understand and constructing a solid narrative line to make everyone appreciate the potential of this project.

Everyone should be able to take advantage of the potential of what we are creating, and that will only be achieved if we get people to understand our product correctly.

Thanks for the interview Adri, the future of Aragon shines brighter with you in it!

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