Martynas is our Systems Engineer at Aragon One. He holds a Ph.D in Technological Physics Engineering. He loves solving complex problems and he finds building the future of web the most interesting one to work on.

Welcome to the team, Martynas! Can you let people know a bit about yourself?

I worked as a part-time web developer during my studies and also completed a PhD in technological physics engineering. It took me a long time to decide between a career in science or software, but with all the new exciting technologies in the web space in recent years I’ve decided to become a full-time engineer and eventually joined Aragon One.

Do you see Ethereum disrupting existing fields in the future, how do you think that’ll happen?

I see Ethereum as a part of the bigger blockchain ecosystem including other projects such as Filecoin and Zcash. I think that blockchains in general will not necessarily replace Web 2.0 as most of the internet is functioning perfectly fine as it is, but it can be particularly impactful in areas that require high degrees of trust and security such as finance, file storage and legal contracts. In these specific areas I can see blockchains completely replacing their Web 2.0 counterparts because blockchain provides superior security and transparency.

Why do you think Aragon is relevant for society?

I think that our society is in a never ending battle between an individual and an authoritarian rule. On the one extreme we don’t want complete anarchy as that just produces chaos and what makes humanity strong is its ability to cooperate. On the other hand as we begin to organize and centralize our governing bodies they inevitably become corrupt and people start protests. Instead of this continuous cultural pendulum I think that Aragon could provide a happy medium where each individual has a say in a law that is forever defined by code living on the blockchain. I imagine having major legal systems and even governments organizing themselves on Aragon DAOs which would make them more trustworthy and give more power to individuals.

What are the key tips to keep a team motivated towards the same vision?

I think that the most difficult part is to have a clearly defined vision in the first place. Although Aragon has a vague idea of fighting for freedom we need to be more specific about what it means for day-to-day usability and real-world applications. If we have a clear vision in place then motivating the team should not be a problem because people have an intrinsic desire to work towards something meaningful.

There’s a lot of work to do. What are the things you cannot wait to work on?

I am very interested in working with various web technologies in general. As a systems engineer I will be handling cloud infrastructure aspects of Aragon. I really enjoy the process of automation and making things more efficient using CI/CD pipelines. However work at Aragon is very unique as we are not deploying traditional applications but an amalgam of blockchain smart contracts combined with Web 2.0 supporting services, so making everything automated and efficient is going to be a very interesting and rewarding challenge.

What do you think are some key tips for getting products and tech built quickly?

I’m a big fan of the DevOps movement. It provides various guidelines for quickly shipping reliable products. The most important thing is radical transparency, communication between different teams and making sure that everyone is aligned to the same high-level company’s goals. When everyone is on the same page we can talk about automation of various manual processes such as building, testing and monitoring which can allow fast incremental improvements. I am looking forward to implementing best DevOps practices across Aragon so we can build an amazing, reliable product as fast as possible.

What got you interested in the blockchain technology to begin with?

Ever since the creation of Bitcoin I always saw blockchains as something “cool”, but it was difficult for me to imagine them having a meaningful impact. At the end of the day average users don’t really care about the underlying technologies of their payment systems as long as they are fast and convenient, which Bitcoin definitely isn’t (long transaction times, complicated setups, volatile exchange rates, etc.). However, now with the explosion of smart contracts on Ethereum we are seeing blockchain getting closer to widespread adoption. I’m very excited about MakerDAO’s stablecoin DAI. Fixed value currency combined with upcoming Ethereum scalability improvements could potentially replace existing international payment systems. But the project that got me interested the most is Aragon. After I read the Aragon Court whitepaper I realized that blockchains could be much bigger than I thought, potentially revolutionizing our legal systems. That’s when I decided to work for Aragon and became officially involved in the blockchain revolution myself.

What are some of your hobbies and things you do for fun or relaxing?

I enjoy mostly stereotypically introverted things such as books and video games. I also like jogging and swimming which helps me to think and stay healthy. I spend most of my free time studying various topics. These include software engineering technologies related to my work as well as a range of science topics in general which is the reason why I studied physics. I am also hosting my own meetup group called “Discussions and Debates”. We cover a range of topics from psychology and politics all the way to the origin of the universe. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and hearing different perspectives about complicated subjects so I can understand myself and the surrounding world better.

Thank you for the interview Martynas. We look forward to the contributions you'll make to our systems and DevOps at Aragon One!

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