Facu is our new Solidity Engineer. His previous work as an EVM engineer and Ethereum researcher will contribute greatly to the research team at Aragon One.

Welcome to the team, Facu!

Please start by introducing yourself. Can you tell us a bit about your background and the skills you bring to Aragon One?

I'm a computer engineer graduated from Universidad Católica Argentina. Currently, my work is mostly about cryptocurrencies and distributed systems. In general, I love building new technologies to make people's lives easier. Since 2017, I've been working as an EVM engineer and researcher in some projects of the Ethereum ecosystem.

What got you interested in blockchain technology to begin with?

I got involved with blockchains for a need. In particular, cryptocurrencies allowed me to access to a different way of life that was really hard to live previously, and that I've been trying for years. It basically allowed me to work and get involved with foreign projects in a completely remote manner.

Which aspects in particular do you find the most interesting about blockchain technology?

I think most of the aspects carried by blockchains are a key next step for decentralizing processes while empowering people for what belongs to them in a secure manner. To me these are transparency, no single point of failure, security, single source of truth, and decentralization.

Which projects in the Ethereum space are you most excited about, and why?

In my opinion, there are many interesting and challenging projects in the ecosystem, and I'm sure these are just the tip of the iceberg. I prefer not telling specific names but, decentralized exchanges, stable coins, governance solutions, and oracles will drive our lives to a place we cannot even contemplate now.

Do you see Ethereum disrupting existing fields in the future, how do you think that’ll happen?

For sure, and I think it is already happening. For example, one simple but not trivial is software programming, it has never been the same until blockchain technologies and particularly Ethereum came up. And I think this will keep going with data science, law, politics, economy, finance, etc.

Which aspects of society do you think blockchain technology will affect the most?

Currently we are facing a lot of finance changes, mostly because of cryptocurrencies. But I do think law, politics, and economy will change as well.

What do you think about the general crypto community?

It's amazing, I'm really surprised by how much I've learnt from them and all the things people are willing to give to others without expecting something in return. I've learnt a lot from conferences, hackathons, talks, videos, tutorials, blog posts, etc. I do hope we always keep working and collaborating with each other with all the love and passion as we are doing now.

Why do you think Aragon is relevant for society?

I think Aragon is taking care of a huge challenge and is definitely taking it really seriously. I do think we are going to take governance solutions to the next level. Aragon's community is really focused and committed to that, I'm completely surprised by what this team and community is capable of and the huge quality and responsibility they bring into play every day.

Where do you see Aragon 5 years from now?

I see Aragon as a verb, a living thing, a way of behaving in an organization. I hope it becomes the state-of-the-art when people think about how they should framework any kind of new organization, and I'm not saying just about companies, I mean societies, communities, movements, teams, etc.

What are the key tips to keep a team motivated towards the same vision?

Making them part of this movement, and I think we do a lot of things to ensure that: dog-fooding, listening and caring for every one's opinion, taking care of each other's professional growth, coaching each other, etc.

There’s a lot of work to do. What are the things you cannot wait to work on?

Any kind of governance innovation topics, I do love researching and trying new cool ideas that could rock the way we currently do things.

Why do you think what we’re building is crucial for the world?

Simply because governance is everywhere, things don't occur from nowhere. People naturally organize themselves into more complex structures to develop and carry out their ideas. Encouraging people to organize themselves in a new way, supported by tools, technologies, a community, a network, decentralized and trustless processes, among others, is a huge thing Aragon is taking care of.

Do you think that the Web3 that Ethereum is building towards will surpass Web 2.0 in the future?

I do, we are in the early stages and the first decentralized applications for end users are starting to come up. But I hope it becomes the base for web applications in general, I think most of them can leverage blockchain to provide a better product to their users.

What do you think are key tips to get products and tech built very quick?

Continuous feedback and development, iterating fast, validating our ideas as soon as possible. Listening to our users, our team, our community, and the art of prioritizing correctly.

Can you talk a little bit about your hobbies?

I love music a lot, I like playing the drums and the guitar as well. I also love cooking, specially asados, a traditional Argentinian barbecue. I see all these as different ways of doing art, it's simply how I connect with myself while investing too much love into something that is in fact a gift for others. I actually see technology as an art too, there are no recipes there, every problem requires its own solution, discovering it is an art.

When having fun, which are the things you enjoy?

Spending time for myself, like reading, cooking, playing music, and sharing time with my friends and family.

Thank you very much for the interview Facu. We look forward to seeing what new projects you help bring to life through your research efforts at Aragon One!

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