Enrique is a Frontend Engineer at Aragon One, with love and passion for many things, in particular, music and programming.

Welcome, Enrique! Thanks taking the time, can you tell us a bit a about yourself and how you got involved in the blockchain space?

Hello there! My name is Enrique, and I’ve joined Aragon One as a Frontend Engineer. I’m from the Dominican Republic, an island right at the heart of the Caribbean Sea. I’m extremely new to the Ethereum community, previously only having contributed by attending local events, but I’m extremely excited to push the state of the web and the world further with Aragon leveraging these technologies.

Which aspects in particular do you find the most interesting about Ethereum?

By far, I think the most important aspect and the one that should not be overlooked through the progression of this technology is the ability to replace old and trust-based systems like managing assets, resolving disputes, and making these things more efficient and resistant to tampering. I feel we sometimes get lost on this due to the space just pushing in every direction to see how far Ethereum and blockchains in general can go, and while this is a good thing, I prefer to look at it as a world-scale computer able to bring century-old processes to the modern age. Of course, this is still in the distant future, but I like being positive. 😃

Which projects in the Ethereum space are you most excited about, and why?

Anything concerning legal processes, DAOs, identity, scalability and music! I closely follow anything that is building the foundations for Ethereum to grow and be adopted massively, like Pocket Network, The Graph, MakerDAO, Status, and Aragon. 😉

Why do you think Aragon is relevant for society?

The technological revolution and the adoption of the web affected all but a few very important places: how we organize, make decisions and behave rationally in these data-driven social media supercharged societies that didn’t exist just 50 years ago. We’re still doing things “the old way”, and the saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” clearly doesn’t apply here.

If you look at what has happened throughout the last century, in all angles, we have a model of organization that does not work well at scale. Agreements cannot be made, people with bright ideas cannot execute because of international or age barriers, and bureaucracy slowly kills the intent of doing things the right way.

While people mostly have ignored this very noticeable, but meta problem in society, Aragon fights for a new foundation on how to fundamentally do these things. Instead of dealing with state laws with restrictions that do not necessarily make sense in this day and age, with Aragon you now have the freedom to organize and resolve disputes as close as a few mouse clicks.

There’s a lot of work to do. What are the things you cannot wait to work on?

Personally, I want to champion bringing Aragon to people less acquainted with the Ethereum ecosystem; make a digestible, easy to understand and use tool for everyone to accomplish their wildest dreams regarding social structures and organizations. This is really important because a lot of projects focus on having awesome features, but are unintentionally made for Ethereum power-users, and we should try to make things be as simple as possible so that anyone can use web3 technology.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, for example, your hobbies and things you do for relaxing?

Hello hello! My name is Enrique, and I’m officially a Frontend Engineer here at Aragon One. Being from the Dominican Republic, I like to mix it up a bit whenever I can: I’m certainly not the best dancer at all, but still do; I prefer getting dirty in mountains, but still enjoy a nice beach.

When talking about hobbies, I enjoy doing whatever interesting thing comes up at the time, but I’ll jump out of my seat if you mention extreme sports, or music; I play guitar and bass, and make my own music whenever a good bar hits my mind. I can listen to whatever gets me feeling something: get into my playlists and you’ll find stuff ranging from Enya to Archspire. For a long time, I thought I was going to end up as a musician, but I stumbled with code as I tried to make my own digital synth when I was 12 which marked me forever.

I also enjoy videogames a lot, as I’m a huge fan of survival and military simulation games like DayZ and ArmA; I played these almost exclusively during my teenage years, mainly due to the social implications these games have which make for incredibly interesting and fun scenarios! I also like to read whatever I can get my hands on. Some of my favorite books are the LoTR saga, The Hobbit, Siddhartha, Deep Work, and Thinking Fast and Slow.

Thank you for sharing more about yourself, Enrique! We are so excited to have you onboard and build great things together!

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