Back in January 2019, I presented at AraCon our intention to launch a blockchain tailor-made for DAOs called Aragon Chain. In October 2019, after ANT approval, we started working with ChainSafe to make it a reality.

The rationale proved to be right — Ethereum would become congested, and higher value use cases like DeFi would eventually price out Aragon DAOs. Since then, average gas fees have increased by order of magnitude and multiple at some peak moments.

ChainSafe was commissioned to work on Aragon Chain by ANT holders. So far all of their development has been focused on Ethermint. ChainSafe and other projects aim to launch a project-agnostic Ethermint chain.

After careful consideration, we would like to propose transitioning ChainSafe’s efforts from launching Aragon Chain to deploying Aragon’s stack on a community Ethermint chain instead.

We have seen alternative chains like xDai gain significant traction and community support. Aragon has been available in xDai for a while now, enabling communities to leverage the leading DAO platform without incurring significant fees. We have been impressed by the grassroots communities forming around Ethermint and xDai.

On the other hand, off-chain voting solutions like Snapshot are quickly becoming the standard. We are also collaborating with Balancer on taking Snapshot to the next level. Working with the community on enhancing public goods makes more sense than trying to roll out our own solutions.

We would like to see Aragon collaborating with these communities, instead of working on its own chain. Building and maintaining a blockchain is a big effort, and currently outside of Aragon One’s focus and expertise. For that, we want to specifically propose having Aragon on the soon-to-be-released Ethermint chain, instead of rolling out Aragon Chain, while we keep deploying Aragon to relevant EVM-compatible chains.

The Aragon Association has been Ethermint’s main funder so far, after receiving strong supporting AGP-106.

This proposal doesn’t intend to close the door to an Aragon-specific chain forever. We aim to keep close to ChainSafe to be always up-to-date on opportunities to develop an Aragon-specific chain, if and when it makes sense.

In the meantime, we think that working with the community on making Aragon available on as many chains as possible — including Ethermint — makes the most sense.

You can read the full governance proposal here.

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