As development of Aragon Court Dashboard was wrapping up ahead of going live on Feb 10th, a couple of minor issues were detected which made the user experience of certain actions worse than expected.

Thanks to Aragon Court's modular architecture the fix can be done by just replacing one of the modules in Aragon Court, the Jurors Registry. A day-1 migration is being proposed to the Aragon Network DAO council to perform these enhancements before Aragon Court's first term starts. This ensures that the migration won't cause any downtime in Aragon Court.

This would be the second time the Jurors Registry is upgraded after Aragon Court was deployed in late November. In this case, since jurors have already been activating into the Court, staked ANJ will need to be migrated from the old contract to the new one.

The migrator and new Jurors Registry contracts have been deployed and are ready for executing the migration. Facu Spagnuolo, Aragon One team member with a seat in the AN DAO council, has already proposed the votes to the DAO.

If approved by the AN DAO council, the migration would be scheduled to occur immediately after pre-activation closes at 11.59pm UTC on Feb 9th. Out of extreme caution, we are also proposing a 16 hour delay for the start of Aragon Court's first term. The migration has been reviewed by our auditors and we have practiced it on the testnet without any issues. It can be completed in a matter of minutes, but the 16 hour delay will ensure that Aragon Court's state will stay static for a time window after pre-activation ends and the full protocol activates.

We are extremely excited about Aragon Court launching this Monday February 10th on Fight for Freedom day which will officially kick off the launch of the world's first digital jurisdiction.