Written reviews of what the team members have been up to

Recently in our Aragon Governance Proposal AGP7: Merge Aragon HQ and Community meetings it was proposed and decided that our previous Aragon HQ and Community Meetings would merge into one monthly meeting.

With this update came also the change to move away from doing presentations in the meeting about what each team member has been up to in the past month, into a new written review form of monthly updates. These write-ups will be published in our Wiki and blog so the community can have a chance to review the progress before we do the Community Meeting and the audience can ask questions from the team members.

Team members will produce a write-up of the most important things they have worked on since last Community Meeting, the problems they have found and what they plan to do in the next weeks (that can be a bit blurry, and that's fine). These write-ups will be published as a blog post for the community to review on Monday before Friday's meeting.

Okay, today is Tuesday, sorry, we're still getting used to this new process, but the Community Meeting 06 will take place on Friday December 1st at 4PM CET / 10AM EDT, the livestream and recording of the meeting can be found at https://www.youtube.com/c/AragonProject

Aragon Community Meeting 06 Write-Ups of November 2017

Brett --- (New!) EVM/Solidity/*

Aragon ID (@aragon/aragon-id)

  • Basic identity system via ENS for v0.5 (<your-name>.aragonid.ethregistration coming soon to you!)
  • Provides a generic set of contracts for verifiably secure ENS subdomain registrations

Aragon Apps / UI (@aragon/aragon-apps, @aragon/aragon-ui)


Towards v0.5

  • Collaborate with @izqui, @onbjerg, @bpierre on organizing roadmap to 0.5
  • Help @bpierre with lifting off the dust in @aragon/aragon
  • Build as many @aragon/aragon-app frontends (and their associated components in @aragon/aragon-ui) as possible

John --- (New!) Community Lead

New website copy

Reviewed and edited in collaboration with Luis and Tatu on refining the copy.

Aragon Meetup in Helsinki

Attended the meetup with Luis and Tatu. Helped welcome people, serve food and drink, pass out Aragon swag.

Wiki review

Opened 12 issues during a review of the Aragon Wiki with Tatu.

Updates to #Frontline

Worked with Tatu to learn about the Frontline program's history and start charting a course for the future.

Begin planning transition to community governance

Had a discussion with Luis and Tatu about the future of the Aragon Foundation and the Core team after the transition to community governance via DAO.

Team interview post

Sent answers to Tatu along with a photo to use for the post.

Aragon Network deep-dive

Learned more about the Aragon Network, ANT use-cases, and Aragon Network Services from Luis and Tatu.


Complete onboarding

Finish reading through all community documentation, past meeting notes, and other docs.

Start 2018 Community Strategy doc

Begin planning for community growth and engagement in 2018, especially around taking advantage of the impact the mainnet launch will have on public interest.

Team bonding

Continue getting to know members of the team better so we can help each other achieve great things together.

Organizing the organization

Review team organization processes and provide feedback wherever it's needed. Help the core team operations run smoothly.

Jorge --- Tech Lead

Security Audits

  • The first security audits for aragonOS and aragon-apps were completed
  • No major issues were found, though it triggered some changes
  • Audit report will be made public soon

AragonID (credits to @Brett)

  • Basic identity system for v0.5 release
  • Secure ENS subdomain registrars by minimizing trust until main registrar update

Devcon talk


Towards v0.5 release

  • When all smart contracts are integrated into the client, start final security audits
  • Public bug bounty program for all v0.5 contracts
  • Finalize deployment pipeline work


  • Improve goal setting and deadlines management
  • Clear roadmap for next releases
  • Improve documentation and overall experience for external contributors

Luis --- Project Lead


  • Helped hiring for

EVM/Solidity: Welcome, Brett!

Community Lead: Welcome, John!

  • Helped setting up a shared inbox for hiring


  • Worked alongside with Maria, Jorge and third parties on this. Thought about ways VCs interested into the Aragon ecosystem can invest funds into developing it
  • Also thought of how to invest some of the token sale funds into the ecosystem without much friction/without becoming VCs (that's not our focus)


  • Worked on the new website
  • Some fixes for aragon-ui


  • Created a design challenge for the Design opening
  • Created some visual assets







  • Review Q4 goals for newly onboarded


  • Oversee new announcements


  • Release the signaling app

Luke --- Research Lead

Aragon Research Project

  • Planning and Project definition
  • Researched and engaged with projects that would be good fit for participation


  • Off-chain tabulation of votes (Ongoing)
  • Secure/Private voting mechanism using sMPC and group signatures (Ongoing)
  • Governance over inflationary token supplies (Ongoing)
  • Token curated registries (Ongoing)
  • Cryptoeconomics of Aragon Network services (Ongoing)


Aragon Research Project

  • Create repo and documentation for Aragon Research Project community contributions
  • Confirm initial batch of project participants
  • Establish project roadmap and timelines


  • Continue ongoing research efforts
  • Experiment with Signaling/CarbonFeedback dapp
  • Document research in Aragon Research Project repo and/or blog posts

Maria --- Strategy and Ops Lead


  • Helped plan and research the general structures and definitions of upcoming programs/projects
  • Started working with key lawyers that will potentially assist us on one of the projects


  • Accounting: we started working with EY as the Aragon foundation's accountants
  • Hiring: helped with the initial candidates screening for several positions
  • Events: helped with the logistics and coordination for the production of a video about the why of Aragon. For this video we did a couple of interviews to key people in Cancun (devcon3)



  • Continue developing the different initiatives/projects mentioned above


Oliver --- Glue

Workshop in Madrid

I went to Madrid to work with Brett, Luis and Jorge on identity. I also got time to work on aragon-dev-cli.


  • Added scaffolding support, so it is now possible to create projects faster

Also created two templates (react and bare).

  • Started doing a big refactor of the CLI internals which will give the CLI a new look and feel, but also make it easier to implement new features
  • Started working a bit on a new command: playground. It spins up a development environment with APM set up and a DAO for testing purposes.

natspec lite (radspec)

The way natspec works now is insecure, since any valid JavaScript goes.

The current library simply evaluates the JavaScript expressions, which is a threat to dapps, since comments in code could potentially alter the UI and trick the user.

Since we rely on natspec for describing transactions in Aragon, we started working on a stripped-down version.

  • The basic syntax is down
  • AST traversal is done
  • The parser is almost complete

This project will be released in December.

General planning

I've worked closely with Jorge to identify potential issues and new features, such as a governance layer for APM repositories.



  • Finish refactor
  • Finish playground command


  • Split the library and rename the two new parts to @aragon/wrapper and @aragon/clientrespectively
  • Finish transaction pathing
  • Start work on remaining RPC calls

Pierre --- UI & Interaction Developer

Aragon UI

  • Aragon UI ported to React (0.3)
  • New components:
  • DropDown
  • AragonApp
  • Card
  • SideBar
  • The way Aragon UI is imported in a project is better (but not ideal yet: we are still thinking about it and it will probably change in the next version).

Aragon Apps



Aragon UI

  • More components
  • Keep improving the following:
  • Accessibility
  • Performances
  • Visual consistency
  • API consistency
  • Blog post to introduce Aragon UI

Aragon Apps

  • Settings
  • Permissions
  • More apps


  • Improve aragon.one: accessibility, perceived performances

Tatu --- Community / Communications Lead

New website copy

Worked on writing the initial new copy of the new website, reviewed and edited in collaboration with Luis and John on refining the copy.

Aragon Meetup in Helsinki

Contacting people for presenting at the event, talking to people and booking the venue for the event, planning, organizing, preparing and executing the Aragon Meetup Helsinki event on 23rd of November 2017.

Updates to Aragon Chat

  • Create #governance channel
  • Assign people permissions
  • Post updates to #announcements
  • General talking to people and welcoming them

Updates with Wachsman PR

  • Monthly update call
  • Q&A with their team

Updates to the wiki

16 different commits to the wiki so far

Q3 Transparency Report blog post

Pierre's Team Interview blog post

AGP7: Merge Aragon HQ and Community meetings


More wiki updates

  • Continue working on improving the wiki

More blog posts

There will be more team interviews and other posts coming

Continue working on overall communication strategy

Continue on helping and growing the community

That's it for the month of November, as we move forward, these new Community Meetings and Write-Ups will become a monthly thing, so let us know what you think of this new format and do join us at the Meeting livestream to ask questions and discuss everything that has been going on!