Written reviews of what the team members have been up to

Team members will produce a write-up of the most important things they have worked on since last Community Meeting, the problems they have found and what they plan to do in the next weeks (that can be a bit blurry, and that's fine). These write-ups will be published as a blog post for the community to review on Monday before Friday's meeting.

Community Meeting 10

Community Meeting 10 will take place on Wednesday April 4th at 6PM CEST / 11AM EDT, the upcoming livestream can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YalW7zFWRMg and a recording of the meeting at https://www.youtube.com/c/AragonProject. And feel free to post any questions you might have for the team in the Community Meeting 10 AMA thread!

Aragon Community Meeting 09 Write-Ups of February 2018

Alexa --- Operations Assistant

Accounting and Ops

  • Planning Q2 Offsite
  • Multi-Sig Transparency reporting
  • Assisting with Luis with legal
  • Making payments to service providers, travel arrangements for the team, paying conference sponsorships, and lots of small details like that
  • Financial Reporting March 2018
  • Payroll


  • Q3 Planning: Logistics for lots of Events/Meetups/Conferences
  • Helping to make sure Payroll gets automated

Bingen --- Solidity Engineer

Aragon Apps

  • Implemented Beta templates tests running on Docker image.
  • Adapt Beta templates and Finance to new Vault.


Addressed several minor issues reported by the WHG audit.


Helped reviewing candidates for Solidity and DevOps. Finally found the DevOps one.



Aragon Labs

Continue the work with Liquid Democracy specs and start building it on top of aragonOS.

aragonOS / Aragon Apps

Help fixing issues reported by the auditors.


Attend the first post-Architect Aragon offsite.

Brett --- EVM/Solidity/*

What a month.

Aragon Dapp (@aragon/aragon)

  • We launched!!!
  • Connected all the apps to aragon.js
  • Added better notification support, although this has been disabled for now

Aragon Apps (@aragon/aragon-apps)

Implemented background scripts for each app

Connected the app frontends to their aragon.js caches

  • Small tweaks and fixes as found during initial testing for 0.5

AragonOS (@aragon/aragonOS)

  • Helped with addressing initial WHG audit comments that were prioritized before next round of audits

Aragon UI (@aragon/aragon-ui)

  • Small helpers HOCs for integrating @aragon/aragon with @aragon/aragon-apps

Aragon.js (@aragon/aragon.js)

  • Tweaks and fixes for connecting to the wrapper and apps

Aragon Dev Cli (@aragon/aragon-dev-cli)

  • Fixes for a few solidity parsing bugs for generating the artifact.json from a smart contract



  • Continue addressing WHG audit comments that were non-prioritized
  • Communicate and help with second round of smart contract audits
  • Begin work towards a 4.0!

Aragon Apps

  • Additional features to the background scripts, e.g. notifications support and block caching

Aragon Dapp

  • Fix bugs and add more error resilience
  • Implement upcoming features

Chris --- Product Manager

Complete Onboarding

  • Attended onboarding week in Madrid, to work with Jorge and Luis
  • Provide feedback on and input to Team Handbook
  • Provide input for team interview blog post
  • Complete initial 1-on-1 conversations with team members

Draft Product Management Process

  • Draft overall product management process flow diagram
  • Share diagram with team for input

Initiate regular 1on1 Conversations w/Dev and Design Team Members

  • Jorge
  • Bingen
  • Brett
  • Jouni
  • Oliver
  • Pierre

Support 0.5 Release

  • Develop, track and maintain release-specific issue lists
  • Run agenda for check-in calls


Develop 0.5 Feedback Collection Process

  • Determine how to collect feedback from internal and external channels
  • Determine how to process feedback for input into dev process

Refine Product Development Process

  • Update with team feedback
  • Begin adding implementation specific detail

Begin Supporting Nest

  • Review proposals as requested
  • Begin thinking about relationship between Nest development and internal development processes

Continue Regular 1on1 Conversations with Dev and Design Teams

John --- Community Lead

Eurotrip with Aragon team

Q2 travel planning

  • Team offsite
  • Asia trip
  • Cryptoconomy Summit in Florida
  • EthBuenosAires?

Aragon Core 0.5 launch

  • Testing
  • Start user guide
  • Review announcement draft

Community stats


Next month

  • Q2 team offsite
  • Asia trip
  • Assist with Building DAOs initiative
  • Finish Aragon Interactive Demo Series planning document, write formal announcement once ready
  • Release Aragon Community Guide v1.0 for peer review
  • Keep wiki and community stats updated and be available to help out in community channels

Jorge --- Tech Lead

Finally launched Aragon v0.5! 🚀🦅

  • Release notes: https://github.com/aragon/aragon/releases/tag/0.5.0
  • So proud the work the entire team has done to get us here 💞
  • Launch was flawless from the communications and community side and technically no big issues have been raised. So congrats everyone on an amazingly uneventful launch!

Helped onboard Chris Remus, Aragon's product manager

  • Chris joined us in Madrid the first week of March, for a productive week of organizing the product pipeline and assess our current processes.
  • Chris already helped a lot coordinating and organizing the last mile of the v0.5 launch, and he will be the owner of the next development cycles.


  • New Vault with support for arbitrary token standards was developed and integrated as part of the release. With this new Vault, Aragon organizations are able to own ERC777 and ERC721 NFTs in an easy way.
  • We deployed the first instance of apm-serve a bridge to APM in the web2 at aragonpm.com
  • Worked on the server infrastructure to support Aragon v0.5. Even though it is fully decentralized and trustless thanks to IPFS and the APM, having some support nodes is helpful. Anyway all state is computed trustlessly on every client, no node-mongo stack. We have also hired a devops to help us take our server infrastructure to the next level.
  • Jordi Baylina and the team at DappNode deployed the first Aragon Package ManagerRegistry in the Ethereum mainnet, making it the first mainnet live Aragon DAO.



  • Attended and presented at EthCC in Paris, which was an incredible conference. So good to catch up with friends and fellow buidlers. Presentation video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik1VlTgD53w
  • Spoke at Madrid Blockchain for Good rocks, Google Crypto Meetup (private)
  • Helped organize Aragon's presence in an upcoming tour around Asia with other Ethereum projects in Europe. Tour will happen April 15th-May 6th, more details will follow!

Audits and bug bounty

  • We have been working on improving aragonOS and aragon-apps based on WHG feedback. Our fixes will be now reviewed by them again and a final report will be produced.
  • Details of the second audit are almost finalized, audit will have already begun by the time these words are being read!
  • A live bug bounty will begin soon encouraging people to break Aragon's first mainnet DAO.


  • Deploy Aragon's own DAO to the mainnet and start doing payroll with it
  • Help with Aragon Network whitepaper v2 and continue Network prototyping
  • Help District0x and Status prototype their future Aragon mainnet deployments
  • Start Aragon Core live bug bounty in the mainnet
  • Coordinate audit #2 and finalize audit #1
  • Offsite #2 and Asian Tour with other European projects!

Jouni --- Design Lead

Aragon / Aragon Apps

  • Finished onboarding flow for 0.5
  • designed an empty state for home screen post-registration, animated an ETH tx svg for it
  • Started design for App Center
  • Added designs for different notifications (pending, complete, failed)
  • Designed a new home screen for seeing status of past actions
  • Added username creation/update to settings


  • Designed several blog post headers (will add these on github if people want to use them elsewhere)
  • Designed an Aragon video intro motion graphic


Aragon / Aragon Apps

  • continue work on the App Center
  • continue work on the Payroll app
  • start work on DAO switcher design
  • explore the concept of personal DAO
  • conduct user testing and interviews with early adopters of 0.5 for UX feedback
  • implement design updates based on 0.5 user feedback
  • improve voting app design


  • Support blog posts, events etc. with illustrations


  • Start working with @bpierre on a design system for Aragon

Luis --- Project Lead




  • Moving to Switzerland, both Jorge and me!
  • Taking care of legal stuff for the move


  • Started hedging ETH into other cryptos
  • Multiple meetings in Switzerland
  • Token buyback
  • Catch up on all things legal
  • Taking on all legal aspects in the project
  • Help coordinate all our law firms in different jurisdictions
  • Work on transitioning from the Estonian entity to the Swiss one
  • Multiple other smaller legal aspects


  • Reviewed multiple blog posts
  • Final reviews on the video
  • Getting final approval from interviewees






  • Finalize move to Switzerland


  • Announce first batch of Nest grantees!


  • Create an Aragon app to test developer experience


Luke --- Research Lead

Aragon Labs

  • Liquid Democracy Working Group (Ongoing)
  • Ongoing TCR Working Group (Ongoing)


  • Research related to Aragon Network
  • Drafted proposal for Apiary a curation market platform for creation and participation in Aragon DAOs
  • QA/Testing for Aragon 0.5 release


Aragon Labs

  • Liquid Democracy and TCR repos
  • Contributor guides


  • Continue ongoing research efforts related to Aragon Network Governance
  • Experiment with Signaling/CarbonFeedback for ANT Holders

Maria --- Strategy and Ops Lead


  • Foundation/Company split: worked with Luis on setting up the initial path for the separation of the team from the foundation and the decentralization of the development of the project
  • Nest: worked on the selection of the first batch of teams and the development of the program
  • Aragon Proxy: talked to different teams interested in helping us with this projects through Nest


  • Reviewed drafts related to the network and the ANT signalling proposal
  • QA/Testing for Aragon 0.5 release



  • Continue working on Nest and Proxy
  • Continue working on the Foundation/Company split and the decentralization of the development of the project
  • Work on a project related to Zug
  • Continue supporting the Aragon Network and Aragon Labs efforts


Oliver --- Glue

Launched 0.5 🦅💙


  • An extreme amount of gas limit tweaks to onboarding
  • Add RPC messages for interacting with external contracts (aragon/aragon.js#76)
  • Make sure the cache works in non-browser environments (aragon/aragon.js#72)
  • Application identifiers (aragon/aragon.js#77)
  • An Aragon RPC message provider for development purposes (aragon/aragon.js#79)
  • Refactored to use APM.js (aragon/aragon.js#80)
  • Changed the way accounts are detected for transaction pathing (aragon/aragon.js#93)
  • Added RPC messages for a few other things
  • The accounts a user currently controls (to allow for per-user notifications and per-user UI)
  • A method to "unwrap" EVM callscripts and describe what each step in the script does in a human way (used in the voting app)
  • Bug fix for the way errors are transmitted between the wrapper and the apps

Aragon CLI

  • Renamed the CLI to aragon (the name aragon-dev-cli is now deprecated)
  • Implemented new grant command together with Jorge, allowing people to grant permissions on APM repositories
  • Started work on initial polish (aragon/aragon-dev-cli#53 and aragon/aragon-dev-cli#52)
  • Ironed out some bugs, edge cases and annoying things we learned from launching Aragon 0.5
  • Better overall feel and performance of CLI
  • Started work on run command (aragon/aragon-dev-cli#55)
  • Makes it easier to test your apps locally, which is essential for the developer experience


  • Ironed out some issues we found in relation to the launch of 0.5

Actually implemented string literals

Made sure Web3 provider was configurable

  • Implemented ternary if statements
  • Implemented modulo operator
  • Started work on defining the grammar of Radspec in Nearley to create a more maintainable and well-defined project

APM Serve

  • Worked on performance improvements together with Pierre (aragon/apm-serve#5)
  • Streamlined some of the code with a small refactor



  • Tweaked the Radspec strings to make them a bit better for 0.5 (although it is still a work in progress --- actively looking for community feedback on this one) (aragon/aragon-apps#162)


  • Describe what a vote does if it was created as the result of trying to perform a different action


  • Almost finished guide on "Your First Aragon App", need to implement feedback I've gathered from the team
  • Started work on post entitled "Radspec: Safe & Human Transactions"


  • Attended EthCC in Paris. It was a great no-shilling event with amazing people. Feeling blessed to be working alongside these inspiring individuals!


  • Lots and lots of code reviews.
  • Like lots.
  • Same goes for most of the dev team and I am super impressed that we managed to review almost every PR while still getting stuff done 👏



  • Create a more robust and fluent developer experience overall by continously improving on Aragon CLI
  • Release "Your First Aragon App" guide
  • Create a more maintainable and bulletproof reference implementation of Radspec
  • Start building on the App Center and permissions app with the rest of the team
  • Continous improvements to performance, bug fixes and tweaks from community feedback
  • Decrease overall bandwidth requirements (e.g. make bundle size smaller by being more conservative about imports in Aragon.js)

"Soft" things

  • Help with v2 of the whitepaper
  • Offsite #2
  • 0.5 launch post-mortem
  • Help decide on new release cycles / better developer workflow

Pierre --- UI & Interaction Developer

Aragon / Aragon Apps

  • Onboarding screens (including a way to declare the fields needed for a template and the configuration UI).
  • Added some loading states (menu, home screen).
  • New home screen.
  • Add testing features to the settings app for 0.5
  • Finish and release 0.5! ✨

Aragon UI

  • Tweaks and fixes for 0.5.


Aragon / Aragon Apps

  • Get the notifications system ready for release.
  • Permissions app.
  • Provide better error states.

Aragon UI

  • Move the layout we are using in apps into a component (or a set of components).
  • Add a focus state accross components.
  • Improve visual consistency.
  • Add components as needed.


  • Start working with @jounih on a design system for Aragon

Tatu --- Communications Lead

Aragon Core v0.5 --- "The Architect"

Aragon Feedback Survey

Polishing the first large Aragon feedback survey to go out after v0.5 release.


Blog posts

Aragon videos

Aragon Monthly

Continue to work on securing content and have things progress with Aragon Monthly.



Keeping Wiki up to date and adding content

Aragon Monthly

Publish Issue 02 and send out the monthly newsletter, help community and staff contributors in creating and curating content


Write, review, edit and plan our upcoming blog posts.

Continue working on overall communication strategy

Publish the feedback survey, gather and analyze data from it

Start preparing communications for all the things Aragon

Secure more event participations and sponsorships for Aragon

That's it for the month of Marc, these Community Meetings and Write-Ups are a monthly thing, so let us know what you think of the recent developments and do join us at the Meeting livestream to ask questionsand discuss everything that has been going on!