Written reviews of what the team members have been up to

Team members will produce a write-up of the most important things they have worked on since last Community Meeting, the problems they have found and what they plan to do in the next weeks (that can be a bit blurry, and that's fine). These write-ups will be published as a blog post for the community to review on Monday before Friday's meeting.

Community Meeting 08

Community Meeting 08 will take place on Tuesday February 13th at 5PM CET / 11AM EDT, the upcoming livestream can be found at https://youtu.be/iTh9QMgg0ZQ and a recording of the meeting at https://www.youtube.com/c/AragonProject. And feel free to post any questions you might have for the team in the Community Meeting 08 AMA thread!

Aragon Community Meeting 08 Write-Ups of January 2018

Alexa --- Operations Assistant

Q1 Offsite

Organized and Booked Q1 Team Offsite


  • Worked on finding payment service providers
  • Sent final reports from December to our accountants to close out Fiscal Year 2017
  • Making payments to service providers, ordering equipment for the team, paying conference sponsorships and community awards and lots of small details like that
  • January Payroll


  • Work with our accountants to finalize and audit FY2017 reporting
  • Help get payroll application and automated payment to lawyers off the ground
  • Start on Q2 Offsite
  • Work on finalizing logistics for Q1 Events/Meetups/Conferences

Brett --- EVM/Solidity/*

Aragon UI (@aragon/aragon-ui)

  • Small tweaks and additions
  • Managed a number of bounties, thanks @fiber-god, @kdichev, @monokh who hunted them all down!

Aragon (@aragon/aragon)

  • IFrame to render apps in, and a progress indicator for the loading

AragonOS (@aragon/aragonOS)


Aragon UI

  • New components as necessary, especially the ones I missed delivering in January:


DateInput (calendar)

Aragon Apps

  • Token Manager

Aragon Dapp

  • Launching webworkers for apps who have declared a background script
  • Launch launch launch 0.5!


  • Help with audit and necessary fixes

John --- Community Lead

Started work on a community github repo

  • README.md

Wrapping up work on the first draft of the Aragon Community Guide

  • Community definition
  • Collaboration enablers
  • Project governance

Aragon announcement distribution

Q1 travel planning

Community stats


  • Finish Aragon Interactive Demo Series planning document, write formal announcement once ready
  • Release Aragon Community Guide v1.0 for peer review
  • Open up aragon/community repo on GitHub for public contribution
  • Traveling to ETHDenver to meet the local community, will look into planning a local Aragon community gathering
  • Keep wiki and community stats updated and be available to help out in community channels

Jorge --- Tech Lead


  • Refactor and release aOS 3.0, announcement
  • Coordinate and kickoff audit with Whitehat Group
  • Documentation refactor WIP
  • APM refactor as Aragon org

Aragon Core

  • Start integrating all parts of stack into Aragon v0.5
  • Development and testing templates for Aragon organizations
  • Started and reviewed work on new Payroll app


  • Added Status Open Bounty to our repos, which resulted on +10 new open source contributors.
  • Attended 0x dev meeting and pushed for a future EIP
  • Organizational and legal strategy planning for 2018 with Luis and Maria


Luis --- Project Lead


  • Helped hiring for

Design Lead

Solidity Engineer

Product Manager


  • Implemented a first version of the Nest application process
  • Worked with Placeholder on a hedging strategy
  • Brainstormed about multiple strategy topics with Maria and Jorge
  • Help some people apply to Nest


  • Commented on multiple GitHub issues


  • Oversee migration from Trello to Flow
  • Reviewed Q4 goals, established Q1 goals together with Jorge and each team member
  • Continued token buyback
  • Legal stuff
  • Help with next team offsite



  • Continue hiring processes to have resources allocated to Labs




  • Keep reducing the number of tools we rely on


  • Make progress on encouraging multiple teams to work/build on Aragon
  • Give first Nest grant out!


  • Launch 0.5!

Luke --- Research Lead

Aragon Labs

  • Kicked off Modular Token Curated Registry working group
  • Kicked off Liquid Democracy working group
  • Aragon Labs Announcement Blog (Publishing Soon!)
  • Started Liquid Pledging Integration project with Giveth



  • ETHDenver Governance Workshop preparation
  • Research efforts related to Aragon Network services


Aragon Labs

  • Working group wiki documentation
  • Finish Liquid Democracy Specification and start development
  • Help port TCR pattern to aragonOS
  • Work on improving community involvement and engagement with Labs, proposal discussion, experiment incentivization, etc.


  • Continue ongoing research efforts related to Aragon Network Governance
  • Experiment with Signaling/CarbonFeedback and Off-chain tabulation


Maria --- Strategy and Ops Lead


  • Worked on the launch of Nest, reviewed the first applications and talked to applicants answering doubts about the application process
  • Worked on the structure of the Aragon proxy
  • Worked on exploring friendly jurisdictions that could be key for certain parts of the project
  • Worked on the initial ideas on the future of the structure of the Foundation and the Team
  • Worked on several legal strategies important for the successful development of the project
  • Worked on the Aragon IP licenses and IP related matters


  • Organized and structured the work and the workflow with the different lawyers collaborating with the project
  • Worked with EY on the several accounting matters
  • Reached out to some accounting firms regarding audit services
  • Meetings with several banks, law firms and other service providers firms in Switzerland




  • Continue working on Nest improving the program as it develops so we have key teams working on many of the key challenges for Aragon and Ethereum
  • Continue working on the several IP related matters
  • Continue working on the different strategy initiatives mentioned above


  • Oversee accounting to make sure all different tax and accounting obligations are met
  • Start working with an accounting firm on the auditing of the annual accounts

Oliver --- Glue


  • Adjusted pretty much everything to accomodate breaking changes in aragonOS
  • Reading state is fully functional, tx pathing is almost adjusted


  • Lots of code reviews


Ship 0.5

Pierre --- UI & Interaction Developer

Aragon / Aragon Apps

  • Permissions app frontend
  • Voting app frontend
  • Finance app frontend

Aragon UI

  • Added CountDown
  • Added SidePanelSeparator + SidePanelSplit (SidePanel layout components)
  • Added Info
  • Added ContextMenu


Aragon / Aragon Apps

  • Connect apps to node-aragon
  • Getting everything ready for 0.5
  • Payroll app

Aragon UI

  • Add more components as needed
  • Add a focus state accross components
  • Improve visual consistency
  • Remove flow from components
  • Blog post to introduce Aragon UI

Tatu --- Communications Lead

Designed, created and soft launched Aragon Monthly

Aragon Monthly is a community curated monthly digital newspaper about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and the Aragon ecosystem.

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.

Aragon Monthly is created by the community, for the community.

Anyone can contribute by creating or requesting new content about DAOs and anything related to the Aragon ecosystem.


  • Created and designed the concept of a community curated digital newspaper that is accompanied by a monthly newsletter
  • Issue 00 was sent out to Aragon Monthly Newsletter subscribers
  • Invited people from the Ethereum & Aragon community to join as Staff Contributors
  • Have been helping community to add and review content for Issue 01

Working on the wiki

Many updates to the wiki, creating new issues for people to contribute, reviewed Pull Requests and merged them.

Polishes to Nest repo

General layout polishing, creating guides for submissions and updating templates.

Blog posts

Provide feedback, help edit & polish posts, review blog posts by others

Small updates to the layout of the Homepage of the blog

Community Meetings

Design the procedure and create a documentation for our internal Process for Community Meetings

  • Create a Guide for CM Write-Ups


Aragon is a proud sponsor of:



Keeping Wiki up to date and adding content

Aragon Monthly

Publish Issue 01 and send out the monthly newsletter, help community and staff contributors in creating and curating content


  • Announce Aragon Core alpha v0.5
  • Other possible announcements, updates, interviews

Continue working on overall communication strategy

Start preparing communications for all the things Aragon

That's it for the month of January, these Community Meetings and Write-Ups are a monthly thing, so let us know what you think of the recent developments and do join us at the Meeting livestream to ask questionsand discuss everything that has been going on!