Written reviews of what the team members have been up to

Team members will produce a write-up of the most important things they have worked on since last Community Meeting, the problems they have found and what they plan to do in the next weeks (that can be a bit blurry, and that's fine). These write-ups will be published as a blog post for the community to review on Monday before Friday's meeting.

Community Meeting 09

Community Meeting 09 will take place on Friday March 2nd at 5PM CET / 11AM EDT, the upcoming livestream can be found at https://youtu.be/aOmI9tm4oQU and a recording of the meeting at https://www.youtube.com/c/AragonProject. And feel free to post any questions you might have for the team in the Community Meeting 09 AMA thread!

Aragon Community Meeting 09 Write-Ups of February 2018

Alexa --- Operations Assistant

Q1 Offsite


  • Started helping Luis more with finding financial service providers
  • Making payments to service providers, travel arrangements for the team, paying conference sponsorships, and lots of small details like that
  • January 2018 Reporting
  • Payroll


  • Help with onboarding paperwork for new hires
  • Help with Multi-Sig Transparency reporting
  • Q2 Offsite Planning
  • Logistics for lots of Events/Meetups/Conferences

Bingen --- Solidity Engineer


Met the team during the trial and onboarding week in Madrid and the offsite 01.

Aragon Apps

  • New Payroll app.
  • Met with auditors, a couple of minor fixes to finance app as a result.

Aragon Labs

  • Met with Luke and Eduardo Medina from Democracy Earth
  • Participated in the discussion to set Liquid Democracy requirements


Helped reviewing Solidity and DevOps candidate submissions.


Aragon Labs

Continue the work with Liquid Democracy specs and start building it on top of AragonOS

Aragon OS/ Aragon Apps

Help with anything needed, especially for audit review and 0.5 launch.


Continue the search for a DevOps candidate.


Brett --- EVM/Solidity/*

Aragon UI (@aragon/aragon-ui)

  • Small tweaks and quality of life additions
  • Refactored Info implementation
  • Added SafeLink

Aragon (@aragon/aragon)

  • Initial background worker implementation (without integration with aragon.js)
  • Add signer UI implementation

AragonOS (@aragon/aragonOS)

  • Met with auditors and continued feedback / discussion cycles
  • Tweaks and changes for v0.5 release


Aragon Apps

  • Background script for all v0.5 apps

Aragon Core App

  • Help integration with aragon.js
  • Launch launch launch v0.5!


  • Address auditor feedback and gear up towards a Mainnet release

John --- Community Lead

Hosted Community Guide workshop with core team

  • Community teams
  • Licenses and contributing guidelines
  • Various other feedback

Attended ETHDenver

  • Co-organized meetup with other community leaders
  • Met local Aragon and Ethereum community members
  • Wrote recap blog post

Started work on 30 DAOs in 30 Days initiative

  • Pre-planning
  • Applicant pipeline
  • Announcement draft

Q1 travel planning

Community stats


Next month

  • Assist with 30 DAOs in 30 Days initiative
  • Finish Aragon Interactive Demo Series planning document, write formal announcement once ready
  • Release Aragon Community Guide v1.0 for peer review
  • Open up aragon/community repo on GitHub for public contribution
  • Traveling to Berlin, Prague, Paris to meet the local community, planning a local Aragon community gathering
  • Keep wiki and community stats updated and be available to help out in community channels

Jorge --- Tech Lead

Megatrial week

  • The first week of February, we did a trial week for JouniBingen and Chris, the trial was successful for the three of them and we are super happy that they joined us.


  • Did some very productive workshops on User Stories, the split of the Foundation and companies, Pay protocol and to transfer fund sovereignty to the Aragon Network.
  • Planning for the development of Whitepaper v2 and prototypes of the Aragon Network. I will be personally working on the Aragon Network as soon as v0.5 is launched.
  • Did an internal roadmap for the initial part of 2018.
  • In general, we were very happy to see how many things in our Development Plan can probably be executed sooner than we expected thanks to core infrastructure work, such as aragonOS, paying off.
  • Thanks to the team for coming but specially to our amazing advisors, Jakeand Brayton, and our partners, Joel and Chris. Having people that don't work with us on a daily basis living with us for a week was invaluable.


We will continue working on standardization of most of our work to allow better interoperability with other projects and support from common infrastructure such as wallets or block explorers.

We started a standards working group with ColonyDAOStackHarbour and Zeppelin.

Staking app

  • The Staking app that Oliver started, has received some more work and is now being worked on as a part of aragon-apps https://github.com/aragon/aragon-apps/pull/101
  • It is a very important component that will be used in Aragon's modular generic Token Curated Registry implementation and the Aragon Network.


  • It was a really productive week and we were super pleased with what people built.
  • Personal thoughts: https://twitter.com/izqui9/status/966338031719415809
  • Doing a postmortem soon to analyze what went well and poorly and how to improve for future hackathons. We will be doing a lot more as they are really valuable.

Audits and bug bounty

  • WHG audit is progressing. Part of the team met the auditors in Barcelona for two very productive days. Some architectural improvements have been proposed and are on the way of being implemented. In general we are getting a green light and it is not going to be a stopper for launch.
  • We are making arrangements for another audit that will begin during the first half of March. This will audit deployed code to the Mainnet and will be the green light towards launch.
  • A live bug bounty will begin during the first half of March. Expect more details soon.


  • Launch Aragon v0.5.
  • Madrid Blockchain for Good, Google and ethcc.io presentations.
  • Continue submitting EIPs for some of our work: smart contract ecrecover, and decentralized source code verification.
  • Continue coordinating audits and bug bounties to mainnet deployment.
  • Start work on Aragon Network prototypes.
  • Taking some time off in March after launch of v0.5.

Jouni --- Design Lead

Aragon app UI

Aragon Brand

  • Designed a family of logos for Aragon sub-brands --- Aragon Nest, Aragon Labs
  • Started establishing a visual identity for Aragon illustrations
  • Started a video ident motion design used for all Aragon videos

Aragon comms

  • Made an illustration in new illustration style for ETHDenver blog post
  • Various other blog illustrations


Aragon Brand

  • Start working with Pierre on expanding the Apps UI docs to a full styleguide/design system to help community devs implement great dapps of their own
  • Design logos for other Aragon sub-brands

User Research

  • Set up user testing sessions with early users of v0.5
  • Identify the main difficulties users face using the app and propose design solutions

Aragon app UI

  • Polish new Aragon apps (Payroll, Finance etc.) ready for release
  • Review existing v0.5 UI/UX patterns and iterate the UX based on user feedback

Aragon comms

  • Continue supporting blog posts and other comms with illustrations and graphics

Luis --- Project Lead




  • Handed over design to Jouni


  • Worked on agenda for team offsite + survey about the offsite
  • Final touches to team handbook
  • Updated licenses in all repos
  • Implemented Contributor License Agreement for all repos



  • Participated in workshops regarding the Aragon Network during the team offsite
  • Work on planning the governance transition from the Foundation to the Network




  • Help nail down a place for the next team offsite


  • Continue making progress on encouraging multiple teams to work/build on Aragon
  • Give first Nest grant out!


  • Launch v0.5!


Luke --- Research Lead

Aragon Labs

  • Liquid Democracy Working Group
  • Token Curated Registry Working Group


  • ETHDenver (Stream links below, sorry its facebook!)
  • ETHDenver: Getting Started with aragonOS (50:38)
  • ETHDenver: Practical Considerations for on-chain governance (23:24)
  • ETHDenver: Decentralized Governance panel (1:14:21)
  • Research related to Aragon Network


Aragon Labs

  • Liquid Democracy and TCR repos
  • Contributor guides


  • Continue ongoing research efforts related to Aragon Network Governance
  • Experiment with Signaling/CarbonFeedback for ANT holders

Maria --- Strategy and Ops Lead


  • Worked on the Nest project: reviewed proposals and request for funding, and talked to people and teams interested in the program
  • Worked on the proxy project. Talked to several people interested in helping with the project
  • Worked on other strategy projects I can't talked about yet.
  • Started working on the plan for the Foundation/company split and the related leadership transfer from the Foundation to the Network
  • Participated in a event in NYC on regulatory issues of new technologies


  • Worked on several legal matters




  • Focus on pushing forward the several strategy initiatives we are working on

Oliver --- Glue

Events / Onboarding


Spent a week with the Arafam at the Q1 offsite.


Worked with BingenJouni and Chris during their trial week.


Met with auditors and yanked out APM-specific logic to it's own library because of it, amongst oher things.


Spent a week at ETHDenver helping people hack on Aragon. People built super exciting and cool stuff, and we learned a lot about the state of our tools and documentation, too! Can't wait to see what people will build in the future :)


Put togeher some rough documentation for the following things (primarily because of ETHDenver):


Released a few beta versions, each with their own things. Summarised:

  • Transaction pathing works
  • Reading state works
  • Basic cache is implemented
  • Basic support for notifications is implemented
  • Listening for events has been implemented
  • Some meta-changes (CI, crude documentation, bug fixes and shuffling some things around)


Aragon CLI

A lot of things have changed in aragonOS, so Aragon CLI has some pending work

  • Should be compatible with permission escalation, since APM is now a DAO
  • playground and bootstrap commands for better dev experience


  • More tests, more stable API
  • Better documentation


  • Launch 0.5


Pierre --- UI & Interaction Developer

Aragon / Aragon Apps

Aragon UI

  • Add CountDown.
  • Add a generic Badge component.
  • SidePanel: scrollable view.
  • Gallery: Navigation Groups + Homepage illustration.
  • Release versions 0.4 and 0.5 of the UI tool.


Aragon / Aragon Apps

Getting everything ready for 0.5.

  • Token Manager.
  • Onboarding screens.
  • Error + loading states.

Aragon UI

  • Add more components as needed.
  • Add a focus state accross components.
  • Improve visual consistency.
  • Remove flow from components.
  • Blog post to introduce Aragon UI and its goals for 1.0.

Tatu --- Communications Lead

Aragon Feedback Survey

Designing, preparing and creating the first large Aragon feedback survey to go out after v0.5 release.


Update website

Adding contact info and blog to nav menu.

Blog posts

Provide feedback, help edit & polish posts, review blog posts by others

Aragon videos

Continue working on getting Aragon videos ready.

Aragon Monthly

Continue to work on securing content and have things progress with Aragon Monthly.



Keeping Wiki up to date and adding content

Aragon Monthly

Publish Issue 02 and send out the monthly newsletter, help community and staff contributors in creating and curating content


  • Announce Aragon Core alpha v0.5
  • Other possible announcements, updates, interviews

Continue working on overall communication strategy

Publish the feedback survey, gather and analyze data from it

Start preparing communications for all the things Aragon

That's it for the month of February, these Community Meetings and Write-Ups are a monthly thing, so let us know what you think of the recent developments and do join us at the Meeting livestream to ask questionsand discuss everything that has been going on!