Today marks an incredibly important moment in the project's life. The first jurisdiction in history not tied to land or borders came to life. We have just unleashed the first ever digital jurisdiction for sovereign individuals and organizations.

The journey to now has taken just over three years since the inception of the project and two years after the release of the original Aragon Network whitepaper. After countless hours of research, discussions, and hard work we have reached a point where Aragon One is ready to propose the Aragon community proclaim this DAO, created today, as the Aragon Network DAO.

Also, ANJ, the native token of Aragon Court, was deployed as well. ANJ is a staking token that Aragon Court jurors need to be selected to resolve disputes. At the moment, ANJ is controlled by the Aragon Network DAO, and it will transfer this power to a smart contract to kickoff the pre-activation period for Aragon Court jurors.

The DAO that will be proposed to ANT holders to proclaim as the official Aragon Network DAO is now live and available for exploration in the Aragon client:

Aragon Network DAO

Launch phases

Aragon Network's launch is a multi-phase process that will take 3-6 months to complete. Today we just kicked off Phase 1. The phases that the launch will go through are:

  • Phase 1, ANJ launch, and Aragon Court deployment: started today with ANJ's deployment, and it will end when the pre-activation period for Aragon Court ends. The pre-activation period is currently scheduled to start early January 2020 and last around 4 weeks.
  • Phase 2, Aragon Court launch: right when the ANJ pre-activation period ends, Aragon Court's term #1 will begin. Some initial disputes will be fed into the Court to start building a body of precedent.
  • Phase 3, Aragon Network DAO power transfer to ANT holders: with a release of the Aragon client with support for Proposal Agreements is released, ANT holders will take over control over the Aragon Network, making it a truly sovereign DAO as outlined in the whitepaper. Any Aragon organization, including Aragon Network, will then be able to leverage Aragon Court for their operations.

For more info, check out this forum post on the launch phases for Aragon Network.

Governor Council

Because full governance power cannot be transferred to ANT holders until Phase 3, there is a need for a trusted set of people that would govern Aragon Network and Aragon Court during Phases 1 and 2 of the launch process.

Some weeks ago, we asked for volunteers to join a DAO that would help govern Aragon Court. We have been blown away by the number of community members that stepped up and wanted to be a part of it and we spent a lot of time coming up with the final list.

We are excited to introduce the members of the Aragon Network DAO Governor Council:

  • Aaron Foster (Aragon community): Early supporter and exceptionally active community member
  • Facundo Spagnuolo (Aragon One): Aragon Network team lead at Aragon One
  • Griff Green (Commons Stack): Giveth founder and member of the Whitehat Group
  • Luis Cuende (Aragon Association): Founder of Aragon
  • Jesse Pollak (Coinbase): Engineering leader for Coinbase's consumer organization

The explicit responsibilities that the group has committed to executing are:

  • Starting the Aragon Court pre-activation period by transferring control over ANJ to the appropriate smart contract
  • Transition Aragon Network DAO's governance to ANT holders when Phase 3 can be safely executed
  • Govern Aragon Court, re-parametrizing it if needed, and act in case of an emergency to protect users, ANJ holders, and ANT holders.

Aragon Court and ANJ

Last Thursday, Aragon One released Aragon Court v1.0 after completing a successful security audit. We now consider Aragon Court production-ready, and it could be deployed by anyone using a one-command deployment tool that we built.

Before Phase 3 kicks in, Aragon One will propose the Aragon Network to make our deployement of Aragon Court the official instance that Aragon Network uses.

However, to start the pre-activation process, ANT holders need certainty that a particular token address will be considered the official ANJ address. That's why today we also deployed ANJ to Ethereum mainnet at address: 0xcD62b1C403fa761BAadFC74C525ce2B51780b184


Even though Aragon One has developed most of the software, other groups are free to propose their own deployments as official. We have built easy to use tools so anyone can do this.

In Aragon Network Vote #5, Aragon One will be proposing a Proclamations track AGP to legitimize both the Aragon Network DAO and ANJ instances we have deployed as official. It is now on the Community Review and we expect that AGP-126 will make it to the ballot for ANV5 and be approved by ANT holders.

We are tremendously excited to have helped kick off this new era for the project.

For our fight for freedom,

The Aragon One team 🦅